What is FKSP?

Did you know your employer can cover the cost of your massages?

Are you a teacher, healthcare worker, or a public servant, and would like your employer to contribute towards a massage? It's easier than you think. Utilize the FKSP, which stands for the Cultural and Social Needs Fund likely set up by your employer, and let us issue you an invoice which your employer will reimburse.

The FKSP Fund is established by employers affiliated with the state or who are a subsidized organization. This includes institutions like elementary or maternal schools, ministries, hospitals, etc. The FKSP's purpose is to provide benefits, e.g., contributions towards massages for the given employee and their family members.

How to proceed?

Please verify with your employer if, and how much, you can avail our massages through the Cultural and Social Needs Fund. Then, send us an email at recepce@thajskemasazekiwi.cz detailing:

  • the amount allocated for usage,
  • details about your employer (the recipient of our services)
  • any additional invoice requirements demanded by your employer (e.g., precise text of the billed service).

Simply hand the invoice we prepare for you to your employer. Once the invoice is paid, we'll send you a code under which you can redeem your massage credit.

Your credit is valid for 8 months from the invoice date if you claim FKSP with us during October, November, or December, and 6 months in other cases.

How to book a massage?

Now, all you have to do is book and visit us on the agreed-upon day. Just announce the assigned code at the reception, and then relax and enjoy your massage.

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