What is FKSP?

Are you a teacher, health worker or civil servant, and would you like your employer to contribute to buying you a massage? It's easier than you think. Take advantage of the FKSP (Fond kulturních a sociálních potřeb, can be translated as Cultural and Social Needs Fund), which is established by your employer, and let us issue an invoice that your employer will pay you for.

The FKSP is a fund set up by employers who belong to the organizational component of the state or are a contributory organization. These are e.g. kindergartens, elementary schools, ministries, hospitals, etc. The purpose of FKSP is to provide benefits - e.g. contribution to the massage of a given employee and his / her family members.

How to proceed?

Please verify with your employer whether and how much you can draw through FKSP. After that send us an email to info@thajskemasazekiwi.cz, which will contain the amount to be used, a list of selected massages and any invoicing information required by your employer. The invoice we will prepare will simply be handed over to your employer. Once the invoice has been settled, we will assign the code to the given massage, under which you will be able to order the massage.

How to order a massage?

Now you should order your massage and visit our spa on specified day. Finally, you just tell our receptionist the assigned code and you can enjoy your massage.

About Kiwi Thai massage

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