Time just for you.

Premium Relax – Overview

Number of people
1 to 3 people
Type of massage
no massage
Length of massage
no massage
Length of sauna
60, 120, 180, or 240 min
Optional services
Quite Refreshments

Do you love saunas but also value your privacy? Want to spend quality time with your partner in a new setting? Or simply need to unwind? Premium Relax is your sanctuary from the daily rush. A Finnish sauna just for you, a shower, and a private bathroom in a stylish black design. You can relax on two loungers or even on our extra-wide, solid massage tables. The room is lockable, and you don't even have to leave it if you need to quench your thirst or hunger – that's what our original Quite Refreshments service is for.

Price and Booking

60 min sauna
1190 Kč
990 Kč
120  min sauna
1690 Kč
1490 Kč
180  min sauna
2190 Kč
1990 Kč
240  min sauna
2590 Kč
2390 Kč
third person + 300 Kč

Price for one to two people; a third person pays the mentioned additional surcharge. The total price will be displayed by the "calculator" below.
Prices include VAT.

Quite Refreshments

Thirsty? Craving chilled Prosecco? Or perhaps just roasted almonds and a bowl of olives?

  • order refreshments from our menu via WhatsApp
  • your order will arrive in the room in a few minutes – discreetly via an electric mini-lift

Code Entry

Is your partner arriving a bit later? Do you want to meet directly in the sauna room?

  • Upon payment, the receptionist will also give you a unique three-digit code which your partner can use to quickly and easily prove themselves to the receptionist and be allowed into the sauna room with you.

What to Expect


  • A Finnish sauna made from aspen wood awaits you directly in the massage room.
  • The sauna is heated to a temperature of 90 degrees.
  • The sauna bench has two levels and is spacious enough for a taller person to lie down comfortably.
  • A small bucket with a ladle is available, allowing you to adjust the humidity by gently pouring water over the stones.
  • Towels and sauna sheets will of course be provided.
  • The room features a tropical rain shower and a private toilet in a sleek black design.

Stay in the Room

  • A water pitcher will be prepared for you in the room. You can order more refreshments.
  • The room locks from the inside.
  • The best selfie can be taken by turning on the light by the mirror over the sink 📸

Things to Watch Out For

To ensure everything goes smoothly and safely, please follow these rules.

  • Move carefully in the room to avoid slipping.
  • Please leave the premises at the agreed time.


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