Before going to a massage therapy

  • How should I prepare for a massage?

    No special preparation is needed. We recommend to not eat any big meals shortly before the massage, so that you do not feel stuffed. See the following question to find out when you should not go to massage therapy.

    In our massage salon, we maintain a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, we kindly ask you to turn off the ringer on your mobile phone and to speak quietly, so that other visitors are not disturbed. Thank you.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we do accept credit cards. We also accept employee benefits vouchers Sodexo Flexi Pass, Relax Pass, Fokus pass, Gift pass, Bonus pass, Chèque Déjeuner Unišek+ and Cadhoc, and Edenred vouchers (Ticket Compliments, Ticket Sport&Kultura, Ticket Multi, e-Ticket). You can also enjoy our services by using your employee benefits within the systems, Benefit Plus and Gallery Beta.

  • Contraindications – when should I not go to a massage therapy?

    Before visiting our salon, we suggest you use your common sense and postpone your massage if your health does not permit. A general rule is that only healthy people should take a massage. Below is an (incomplete) list of health situations and diseases in which we would not recommend taking a Thai massage. Always follow your common sense and the advice of your doctor, who can best assess your health situation. Our masseuses and other staff cannot replace your physician.

    • pregnancy and postpartum period
    • osteoporosis and other serious bone disease
    • artificial limbs and joint replacements
    • serious heart problems or uncontrolled high blood pressure
    • bulging of intervertebral disc or other problems with the spine
    • venous thrombosis
    • serious problems with varicose veins
    • oncological diseases (consult a doctor)
    • fever
    • infectious diseases (including skin diseases)
    • postoperative and post-traumatic conditions
  • I've heard that Thai massage hurts. Is it true?

    It depends on your preference. Before the massage, our receptionist will ask you about your preferred massage intensity (weak, medium, strong), and will inform the masseuses about it. She will also ask you whether there are some parts of your body which you would like to exclude from the massage, e.g. due to an injury. Should you feel any unpleasant pressure during your massage, just say "it hurts" or "ouch", and the masseuse will immediately reduce the intensity.

    At times, Thai massage applies more intense pressure than classic massage, especially when massaging with forearms and elbows. It can thus better relax your muscles and increase blood flow to surrounding tissues. When the masseuse massages an area on your body with distinctive local muscle tension (i.e. myofascial trigger point; simply called a "stiff place"), it can be momentarily painful. All the more rewarding is the subsequent feeling, as the problematic area of your body is relieved.

    Thai massages are thorough, intense, and provide deep relaxation. You certainly do not have to be afraid of pain and incompetent and dangerous touches. Our masseuses are skilled and experienced and will certainly not hurt you.

  • Is Thai massage safe during pregnancy?

    For pregnant clients we've introduced the Pregnancy Massage. You can also check out our Anti-Stress Head and Face Massage or Foot Massage. Also, it's always a good idea to consult your massage with your gynecologist.

  • Can I drive a car immediately after the massage?

    Yes, you can, but you might be blissfully smiling at other drivers :)

  • How often can I go to Thai massage therapies?

    In this respect, there are no medical restrictions, so it depends entirely on you, your options and taste. We are happy to welcome you here four times a week, without any threat of "overdose".

    It is clear that in order to achieve the best effect, it is good to get massages regularly. If you have any health problems, you can come once or twice a week. In the case of the prevention of musculoskeletal problems, back and head pain, it is sufficient to come several times a month.

    If you have a demanding job, suffer from anxiety and restlessness, or if you are experiencing great emotional stress, our massages will help you relieve stress and mental tension. In this case, we recommend getting a massage as often as circumstances allow.

Things you might be too embarrassed to ask

  • How much should I undress for a massage therapy?

    Before the massage, the therapist will show you to your massage room, where you can change your clothes. If you have ordered traditional Thai massage, the masseuse will bring you clean traditional clothing to put on. For other types of massages, you will undress to your underwear, or, optionally, strip naked. Ladies will need to take off their bra, as it would complicate the massage. Ladies and gentlemen can also use disposable underwear which we will provide to you for free.

    Instructions on clothing for each massage are also described in the price list.

  • Am I supposed to tip?

    You certainly do not have to. Our masseuses do not expect any tips. However, if you would like to delight your masseuse with a tip, you can certainly do so.

  • Are Thai massages erotic massages?

    No, they are not. Although you are wearing underwear during some of our massages and the masseuse's touch can be pleasant, the masseuse will not massage your intimate parts. Our massages are performed with the utmost decorum and do not involve sexual services.

  • Can I get a "happy ending"?

    No, you can't. Our masseuses are professional therapists. You must visit another place for sexual services.

What you may find interesting

  • Are you named "Kiwi" after the bird or the fruit?

    Our name comes from the kiwifruit. Unlike kiwi birds who are native to New Zealand (written with "V" in Czech – kivi), kiwifruit comes from China and it happens to be the traditional Chinese medicine that Thai massage is based on. A reference to kiwifruit can be found also in our logo, and we have also been inspired by its green-brown color. Interesting fact, we also like the kiwi bird because he cannot fly and is very sad about it.

  • I've heard that I'll be lying on the ground during Thai massage. Is it true?

    Yes, it is! In Thai massages, it is tradition not to use massage tables, but special massage mats that lie on the ground. However, we do have high-quality wooden massage tables in our spa, too. All massage tables and massage mats are equipped with heating pads.

Where is Kiwi?

Prague 4, just 5 min from the Budějovická metro station (towards Pankrác), parking in the purple zone (30 Kč/h, free in the evening and on weekends) right in front of Kiwi. Open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. More here.

About Kiwi Thai massage

We are an established Thai massage salon in Prague 4, five minutes from the Budějovická metro station and open 7 days a week. We have over ten excellent masseuses, friendly receptionists, and reasonable prices. You can book online, via WhatsApp, or by phone at +420 774 121 113. We also pride ourselves on our beautiful and soothing environment, cleanliness, and pleasant atmosphere. Each room is structurally separate, and you can request a room with a private shower. You can also enhance your massage with relaxation in a private sauna. Our clients always come first. Come and see for yourself!

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