During this massage, you are wearing your underwear or nothing at all.

Did you help to move a piano, had to carry a baby all day or just had a hard workout at gym? Or, maybe your 9-to-5 job requires you to sit behind a desk all day. Whatever the case, we all know the feeling of lower back pain.

We offer a massage that helps you recover. It combines a stronger oil massage and dry pressure application, all focused on relaxing your lower back, upper glutes and thighs.

This massage relieves your back pain and offers a new and pleasant experience. We suggest you give it a try.

P. S.: It's a massage, don't expect anything more. Thank you for respecting that. Also, please shower beforehand.

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30 min 790 Kč

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About Kiwi Thai massage

We're a Thai massage salon located in Prague 4, walking distance from Budějovická subway station. We carefully select our experienced masseuses to make sure you'll be leaving 100% satisfied. We offer full body massages, special massages and luxury massages. We are also happy to arrange massage therapies directly at your workplace and during corporate events.

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