During this massage, you are wearing your underwear or nothing at all.

Oil Thai massage is carried out using high-quality coconut oil, which is beneficial for your skin and the masseuse can thoroughly massage your entire body. The massage is focused not only on your back and neck, but also on your legs, arms, and chest. Your head and face get massaged without the use of oil. Being closely related to a Swedish massage, this type of massage is particularly relaxing and pleasant. Not only is it beneficial for your body, but it also greatly contributes to your mental health, especially if you have a demanding job.

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60 min 1290 Kč
90 min 1790 Kč
120 min 2290 Kč

Prices include VAT.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Alternative to oil massage – traditional massage requires more active participation, is performed dry, and is very intense.

Thai Back and Neck Massage

Similarly performed massage, but focused solely on the back and neck.

Couples Massage (Oil)

The same massage, but for two people in the same room.

Pregnancy Massage

For pregnant women, this specialized massage is more suitable.

Aromatherapy Thai Massage

A luxurious variant with aromatic oil and additional elements.

Hemp Oil Thai Massage

A luxurious option with health-beneficial hemp oil.

Twin Massage

The most luxurious option – have two masseuses work on you at the same time.

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