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  • The best massages in Prague. Unbeatable. Luxurious environment, a room to yourself, great masseuses, and tranquility. True relaxation.

    Alena Kotková

    April 2024 (translated), Google

  • Great massages, helped me with back pain. 🙏

    Radka Šillerová

    May 2024 (translated), Google

  • The best massages in Prague. I have visited many salons, but I always return here... 🙂10/10

    Barbora Kmentová

    January 2024 (translated), Google

  • Highly recommend to everyone. Also, great environment and you can see they invest in development 👍

    Hombre Hombre

    May 2024 (translated), Google

  • I was very satisfied with my visit to the salon, beautiful, new, luxurious spaces where one feels comfortable. Absolute cleanliness. Very skilled masseuses.

    Naďa Horská

    May 2024 (translated), Google

  • Very pleasant massages with the option to choose the intensity. Once again amazing and perfect, thank you.

    Roman Kytka

    April 2024 (translated), Google

  • Beautiful spaces and truly excellent massage, not painful but not just a gentle rub without effect. I truly feel relaxed.

    Lenka Fajmonová

    April 2024 (translated), Google

  • I’ve tried Thai massage in a pretty luxury place in Thailand before. And here it was same. I highly recommend!

    Andrii Chekanov

    April 2024, Google

  • I've been getting massages for 10 years, and this is the best price-to-quality ratio.


    October 2023 (translated), Google

  • Super relaxing massage, pleasant environment, and friendly staff ❤️ will definitely come back :)

    Daniela Gardavská

    May 2024 (translated), Google

  • Very nice environment and an excellent massage. I will be coming back 😉

    Jiří Rasocha

    May 2024 (translated), Google

  • Very precise work by the masseuse. The spaces are beautiful and the service is very pleasant. A place I will happily return to. 🤞🏼

    Lucie Blecha

    April 2024 (translated), Google

  • We had a couples oil massage. Luxurious modern and clean spaces. Very pleasant environment, including a friendly receptionist. Smiling and skilled masseuses. It was possible to choose the intensity of the massage. Highly recommend.

    Antonín Chadima

    April 2024 (translated), Google

  • Great place, very organised and clean. They have different type of massages :) always very satisfied.

    leidy Arenas Vasco

    April 2024, Google

  • Pleasant environment and quiet. Choice of massage intensity.

    Kristina Mertus

    January 2024 (translated), Google

  • The salon gave me a very harmonious impression, and I felt relaxed during the massage. The room was pleasantly warm, thanks to the heated blanket. The masseuse knew exactly which areas needed more attention.

    Zuzana Kopálová

    January 2024 (translated), Google

  • Today was my first massage at Kiwi, and it certainly won't be my last. Absolutely amazing, the masseuse was meticulous and very kind. Honestly, the best massage I've ever had.

    Katka Kelly Simonová

    October 2023 (translated), Google

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Why Choose Kiwi?

  • Reliable online booking

    View available times with a few clicks.

  • 11 great masseuses

    And friendly staff. We'll take care of you.

  • Convenient parking

    Free (off-peak) or 30 CZK/hr.

  • Near Budějovická metro

    5 minute walk from Budějovická station.

  • Private massage rooms

    Plenty of privacy and shower facilities.

  • Calm and clean

    Calm music, scents, exotic decorations.

  • Card payment accepted

    We also accept employee benefits.

  • Open daily from 10 to 22

    Weekends and evenings, come anytime.

Why Get a Thai Massage?

  • Relief from acute muscle and joint pain
  • Reduction of stress and mood improvement
  • Long-term care for health

Current Availability

  • 30 min
  • 60 min
  • 90 min
  • Couples 60 min

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage, known at Kiwi as traditional Thai massage, is a therapeutic technique performed dry (without oil), combining

  • pressure application,
  • assisted stretching,
  • and classic massage.

Rooted in acupressure and Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), its practical benefits are evident in the profound physical and psychological relief it provides against back pain, stress, and headaches, as well as improved recovery post-sporting activities.

Other massages are derived from this traditional massage, such as the most popular oil massage, which combines selected techniques with sports massage and other techniques.

Thai massage is also known by other names such as dry massage, applied yoga, "lazy person’s yoga," or by the Thai names "nuat phaen boran" and "nuat thai."

Where is Kiwi?

Prague 4, just 5 min from the Budějovická metro station (towards Pankrác), parking in the purple zone (30 Kč/h, free in the evening and on weekends) right in front of Kiwi. Open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. More here.

About Kiwi Thai massage

We are an established Thai massage salon in Prague 4, five minutes from the Budějovická metro station and open 7 days a week. We have over ten excellent masseuses, friendly receptionists, and reasonable prices. You can book online, via WhatsApp, or by phone at +420 774 121 113. We also pride ourselves on our beautiful and soothing environment, cleanliness, and pleasant atmosphere. Each room is structurally separate, and you can request a room with a private shower. You can also enhance your massage with relaxation in a private sauna. Our clients always come first. Come and see for yourself!

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