Intensity is the name of the game! The masseuse will thoroughly massage your lower back, buttocks, and thighs not only with her hands but also with bamboo sticks.

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Quick Overview

  • Only at Kiwi
  • Combines hand and bamboo stick massage
  • Focuses on the lower back, buttocks, and thighs
  • For athletes and those who prefer a firmer massage
  • No mild intensity available
60 min 1390 Kč
90 min 1890 Kč

Prices include VAT.

What to wear

  • underwear underwear
  • or
    no clothes no clothes

How the Massage Proceeds

Are you an athlete, have a lot of stiff large muscles, or just prefer a strong massage?

Bamboo Blast is an intense massage primarily focused on the lower back (lumbar region), buttocks, and front and back thighs. The masseuse will not only use her hands but will also work on you with smooth bamboo sticks, ensuring an effective massage especially for the large muscles in these areas. Some attention will also be given to the calves and upper back.

At Kiwi, we have carefully designed and tested this unique massage to provide an experience that brings deeply relaxing sensations and a smile to the faces of its target audience.

P. S.: It's a massage, don't expect anything more. Thank you for respecting that. Also, please shower beforehand (you can ask for a room with a shower when booking)

How to Book

Book Online

Online booking shows current availability and is the fastest, but you can find more options on the Contact page.


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Where is Kiwi?

Prague 4, just 5 min from the Budějovická metro station (towards Pankrác), parking in the purple zone (30 Kč/h, free in the evening and on weekends) right in front of Kiwi. Open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. More here.

About Kiwi Thai massage

We are an established Thai massage salon in Prague 4, five minutes from the Budějovická metro station and open 7 days a week. We have over ten excellent masseuses, friendly receptionists, and reasonable prices. You can book online, via WhatsApp, or by phone at +420 774 121 113. We also pride ourselves on our beautiful and soothing environment, cleanliness, and pleasant atmosphere. Each room is structurally separate, and you can request a room with a private shower. You can also enhance your massage with relaxation in a private sauna. Our clients always come first. Come and see for yourself!

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